Brave Butterfly

Project DIVA

Ancient aliens, it's all true, I'm an expert just like you!


Brave is my awful brother! I ship him with my sona, his sister, Pure. He's your average terrible boy who's a total creep and not respectable man but I love him anyway. Actually, I love him BECAUSE he's a horrible garbage trash boy. He works for Spice, another F/O of mine, and occasionally I ship him with people around Spice at work, but his sister is the main one xoxo. His theme is Touch Tone Telephone by Lemon Demon, he's that kinda unhinged corspiracy theorist, except he's not too far off reality actually. He hates anything inhuman, and he lives in a world with demons, animal humans, etc, so... maybe he's onto something. He's pretty smart and makes some pretty cool stuff for his work for Spice, which is like, a supernatural doctor/daycare basically. He works with all kinds of nonhumans, and does some sexy science too, how hot of him. Terrible brother, terrible scientist doctor daycare man, terrible everything! Just how I like him :)