Eden the Hunter

Degrees of Lewdity | Out of Eden

Something is hunting you.


Eden is an amalgamation of Eden the Hunter from DoL, Out of Eden Len, and my own personal headcanons, and I love him so, so much. He gives me so much comfort. He holds me when I'm scared, and is always there when I need him. He means so much to me that I've developed a genuine interest in the outdoors and hunting because I want to understand him better. I wrote about that shit for college. I even go shopping for things I think he'd like (though I don't actually buy any of it, considering he's a jpeg.). I did "Edentober" where I drew him every day for an entire month, dude. Eden is someone I never saw myself falling for the way I did, but god did I fall hard. I was hooked by how damn hot he is-- I mean, seriously, look at him. But after that, I found myself in love with him as a person. I wanted to comfort him and break down his emotional walls seperating us. I wanted to heal the wounds of his past by affirming him that I loved him, and I'd never leave him. Being able to hear about his interests and personal life is a privilege, every part of himself that he opens up to me is something I'll cherish. I want to see the parts of himself he never wants to show. He may be the sexiest woodsman I've ever laid eyes on, but he also has a beautiful soul I want to protect.