Riliane Lucifen D'Autriche

The Daughter of Evil

Saa, hizamazuki nasai!


I am so not normal about Riliane. Oh my god. I'm so in love with her it's unreal. I've been unhealthily obsessed with the EC for years now and have devoted WAY too much brain space to memorizing Evillious lore. I love my wonderful daughter of evil so much and I love her unapologetically as her possessed self but also one of my favorite parts about Riliane is her true self that shows through sometimes. Her pure, innocent excitement that bubbles up into actual smiles instead of ones born of pride. Her love for her family, and the memories she still managed to retain of Alexiel, along with the respect for her late parents. I adore her more humanizing traits the most, the traits that remind you that she's just a little girl in the end. Her playful crush on Kyle, the genuine friendship she has with Chartette, her giggles and playful personality that shine through when she plays with Allen or sees something she loves, how she breaks her royal we pronouns to Allen one single time before she's about to "die". Her smile could end wars and she can do no wrong. Obviously I'm not serious about that last sentence but I really am down horrendous for her and willing to throw all morals out the window for her.