Childish War

Didn't you already know I cheat by nature?


Sensou is my gamer gf! She's wonderful and I love her. We play Pokemon together and she has to help me a lot because I'm bad at it but that's ok bc she doesn't judge me and enjoys spending time with me regardless. She's just wonderful. She's codependent on her brother War, they've always done everything together. She's always there for him and babies him because they're each other's world. I love Sensou so much, Childish War/Okochama Sensou wasn't my first Kagamine song but it might as well have been. It's so special to me, it's what really kickstarted my love for the Kagamines and Vocaloid as a special interest. Sure, I LIKED Vocaloid before finding OkoSensou, but after it, I was down BAD. So yeah, Sensou (and her source) are pretty important to me. And not just because of her source either! As a character (in my hcs, at least...) she's always there for me, and provides such a nice comfort whenever I need her. My IRL wife also kins her pretty hardcore and uses her as a bit of a gaming sona, so Sensou reminds me of the fun times I have playing with her. So yeah, she's pretty comforting between the nice wife memories and just how precious she is to my own pretty heavy kin.