Dream-Eating Monochrome Baku

Are you afraid of me? Well then, that's fine by me.


Tricker is the eater of dreams, the monochrome baku~ hehe. He's a demon from hell that preys on cute Rin modules. He offers them something in return for permission to consume their dreams, then just totally screws them over. He's a total little shit and I love him. He lives in another dimension in a gothic castle where everything is slightly off. Most things about him are slightly off. Fun fact, his voice claim is Bill Cipher. His personality is mainly based around Kuraiinu's cover of Dream-Eating Monochrome Baku. I LOVE the awful things he says- "don't you try to cry your way out, this is it without a doubt!" is... ughergjknthrdgs. I love it. He's terrible and unapologetically so. Nahh, he's just eatin dreams! Just snackin! He would never do aaaaanything wrong. Lol. Anyway, right now he has two girlies he's focused on, Scissors and Pure Butterfly. Pure was having nightmares about her awful brother Brave (who is... also an f/o of mine...), so she makes a deal that allows Tricker to eat her dreams. Too bad he just abuses that power to give her even worse nightmares ;3c! And to Scissors, he's a supplier of goodies so to say, in exchange for her dreams that he causes chaos in of course. But, aside from that, he also just... manipulates her a lot. "Your beloved Melancholy doesn't love you, or understand you at all. Only I understand you. Only I'm here for you." Yeah... he sucks. Heart eyes!!